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¿Are you a foreigner and want to obtain the legal residency in Spain?

If you want to obtain legal residency in Spain, you only have to make an investment of, at least, 500,000€. This legal residency is ussualy called Golden Visa.

What are the requirements to obtain the Golden Visa?

Foreigners not resident in Spain will be able to apply for a Golden Visa if they can prove to have done a significant capital investment, that meets any of the following:

  1. Real estate investment for an amount equal or over 500,000€, free of taxes and charges. The part of the investment that exceeds the amount required may be subject to a charge or lien. This type of investment is very frecuent.
  2. Investment of a minimum 1 million euro in shares in Spanish companies, bank deposit, or investment funds.
  3. Investment of a minimum 2 million euro in Spanish public debt securities.
  4. Creation of a business project in Spain considered and accredited as general interest. It will have a general interest if it meets with, at least, one of the following conditions:
  • Creation of jobs
  • Implementation of an investment with a relevant socio-economic impact in the geographic area where the activity will be developed.
  • Relevant contribution to the scientific and/or technological innovation.
What are the most relevant advantages of the Golden Visa?
  1. The legal residency in Spain of the investor can be extended to the members of his/her family.
  2. The investor (or family members) with legal residency in Spain can travel to the other countries of the Schengen territory during 90 days of 180 days.
  3. The significant capital investment can be done by a private individual or company.

Valero & San Román has proven experience in all the investment procedure and subsequent obtaining of the Golden Visa offering its clients a specialised legal advice.

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