One of the key areas for a business to be a success is to have good management of its teams. This is dependent on developing strong relations between employer and employees.

The potential conflicts between employees and employer are many and unfortunately there are many that end in a traumatic way. It is often necessary to turn to a lawyer in order to solve conflicts and understand your legal position.

VALERO & SAN ROMÁN offers advice in Employment Law with the aim to promote good relations between employer and employees and avoid the escalation of conflicts or, where a conflict has already occurred to advice you on that conflict.

VALERO & SAN ROMÁN offers advice in the following areas:

·    Hiring of employees, termination and modification of contracts

·    Employment regulations

·    Senior management

·    Collective bargaining

·    Social Security

·    Labour disputes (union conflicts and industrial action)

·    Health and safety at work

·    Remuneration systems

·    Proceedings before the employment courts at all levels

·    Matters relating to self-employment

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