Intellectual Property assets have become an essential part of the value of companies and other organizations in the market. The IP department of VALERO & SAN ROMÁN provides specialised legal advice in this area.

VALERO & SAN ROMÁN provides legal advice for the adequate management, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, not only from an administrative perspective but also from a judicial point of view. Your intellectual property rights must be adequately protected in order for you to enforce your rights.

·    Patents, models and designs

·    Trademarks (brands and trade names)

·    Denominations and indication of geographic origin

·    Civil and criminal litigation counsel

·    Applying to register Spanish, international, regional and Community trademarks.

·    Trademark protection, oppositions and appeals

·    Monitoring trademark registrations

·    Dispute resolution of trademarks

Unfair Competition Technology:

VALERO & SAN ROMÁN is specialized in drafting and negotiating licensing, technology transfer and know-how agreements, in accordance with our clients’ commercial and/or technological needs. This area also includes:

·     Protection of confidential information, trade secrets and know-how

·    Transfer of intangible assets

VALERO & SAN ROMÁN can advise you on the protection of literary, artistic, scientific creations, drawings, designs, software and database development; as well as multimedia and audio-visual works.

Our professional team offers clients legal consultancy on all aspects related to any type of protection and transmission of copyrights and related rights, drafting agreements for the licensing and exploitation of copyright, as well as drafting agreements and providing advice and managing copyright infringement cases in the civil and criminal jurisdictions and bringing or defending both civil and criminal legal actions for the infringement and enforcement of these rights. This area also includes:

·    Copyright of authors, publishers, producers, artists, broadcasters and manufacturers of software and databases

·    Protection and enforcement of all types of works, audio-visual and print, computer programs, IT applications, operating systems and databases

·    Rights licensing and collection agencies

·    Intellectual property users’ rights

·    Use of personal name, honour and privacy rights

·    Personality rights, defamation and privacy
Entertainment and media law:

·    Musical productions and video clips

·    Cinematographic and televised productions

·    Image rights

·    Computer games
Domain names:

·    Negotiating and Purchase and Sale of national and international domains and recovery of domain names

·    Name Dispute Resolution
Publicity and advertising contracts:

·    Reviewing advertising campaigns and promotions in order to verify compliance with the applicable legislation

·    Advising on product labelling and comparative advertising

·    Negotiation and drafting of contracts


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